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Hear my NPR radio interview , 206-365-1659.(USA) ext. 2555,  from 32 NPR radio stations in EUROPE  based in Vienna Austria .25 hours of audo, jokes, stories and uplifting music for all ages. + ideas to get out of a slump. Many adventure stories from world destinations, pet and WILD LIFE stories, and links to thousands of WORLD WEB CAMS. Insomniacs love the phone line. I hear them snore after Beethoven..

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What "you deserve" can easily be traced back to what crop you planted, NOT to what society offers. You ARE  "society" and YOU can have an effect on what you deserve, by actions, not INactions. Think of it as "farming minds". Create some of your own.There is a "time to reap and a time to sow".


A psychiatrist in Wisconsin said---You are right about promoting a positive attitude. I promote positive attitudes with my patients and encourage them to take responsibility for their own well being. 

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